Experienced engineers to assess your needs

KMK Compensators’ specialised on-site survey of expansion joints quickly gets to the root of your problem allowing us to promptly develop a customised solution to get your project running efficiently.

The site survey is carried out by experienced field service engineers, qualified to assess your expansion joint needs and develop a high-quality, economical solution.

Flexible on-site survey visiting times

KMK Compensators is flexible to meet your site’s visiting requirements; i.e. during ongoing operations or scheduled shut-downs.

The survey will include;

  • piping irregularities
  • potential damage
  • interferences
  • support component condition
  • check movement
  • inspect for corrosion
  • review condition of threaded fasteners
  • check flow direction and position

Following our visit we will issue a comprehensive quote with full specifications and an installation schedule.

Contact us today and let us help you complete your project promptly and cost effectively.