Benefits of fabric boiler penetration seals

Minimal gas and heat loss with gas tight seal

Protects personnel from extreme heat

Emissions reduction

Greater lateral and axial movement

Maximises efficiency with built-in insulation

Boiler Penetration Seals

Installing boiler penetration seals achieves the most from a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) because boiler penetration seals ensure that generators operate as efficiently as possible.

Boiler penetration seals increase efficiency by lowering energy loss and reduces maintenance costs. Boiler penetration seals not only help reduce the maintenance load and the risk of an unplanned outage; they also protect personnel and attached equipment.

The bespoke manufacture of boiler penetration seals ensures they are designed to meet your individual site conditions and requirements; such as temperature, movement and accessibility. The seals can be supplied in kit form to be tailor-made on site by our experienced site fitters and can also be supplied open with high-temperature Velcro for ease of fitting replacement seals.

Fabric boiler penetration seals offer many benefits and are ideal for installation on boilers where space is limited and movement is required. They provide greater lateral and axial movement capability over metal seals and their flexibility can greatly improve the working life of the seal and reduce the chance of failure.

KMK Compensators Ltd can offer complete installation services to install and inspect your expansion joints, as well as trained personnel to supervise projects related to your penetration seals and other expansion joints. Emergency services are also available.